Our Services

Assembly, Commissioning & Customer Care

Assembly, Commissioning & Customer Care

At FAE, we provide our customers with a comprehensive all-round service, from assembly to commissioning and servicing.

Provided services include: assembly and commissioning of electrical systems in automated lines and machines, process automation and industrial automation plants.

In this way, FAE srl becomes a one-stop-shop supplier for high tech plants and systems. At FAE, we take care of any and all details in any electrical and pneumatic systems intended for machineries and relevant on-board equipment, automated lines and processing plants.

Commissioning high quality standards are ensured by FAE experts who are specialized in automation and software electrical systems, carry out functional tests through dry tests and wet tests on operating plants.

Assembly and


tasks are carried out worldwide.

Main activities

  • Servicing and supervision
  • Assembly
  • Commissioning

Customer Care

At FAE, we offer ordinary, extraordinary and corrective servicing, both on site and online. Servicing provision can be activated by entering a dedicated maintenance agreement customized according to customer’s actual needs.


Teleservice offer flexible remote servicing preventing onsite interventions.

Via teleservice, FAE technicians can access customer’s machine/plant operating logics from our headquarters in Busto Garolfo (MI) to support operators and/or solve configuration issues or carry out operation diagnosis.

Teleservice benefits

  • Connection via modem, internet or VPN
  • Cost effectiveness (no on-site interventions required)
  • Speed (preventing machine shutdowns and outages)

Spare Parts Management

FAE aftersales service ensures quick spare parts procurement through dedicated spare parts sets customized according to machine model and single component parts.

Main activities

  • Teleservice
  • Servicing
  • Spare parts management