FAE: Industrial automation and jobs of the future


FAE: Industrial automation and jobs of the future

We are in the era of digitalization. Nowadays, more than ever, also because of Coronavirus pandemic, technology has become a primary asset, both in private life and in the industrial field.

Industry 4.0 had already introduced new priorities and procedures, thereby indicating the way to optimization and progress in process automation, today remote access to the machines and integrated data flow are a must.

FAE: specialists in industrial automation

FAE has been working in the industrial automation field and integration of systems since 1978, dealing with:

- Hardware engineering in industrial automation

- Software engineering in industrial automation

- Production of electrical panels

- Installation, commissioning and customer care

Since it was born, FAE has proven to have a dynamic character and to stand out in the international scene, thanks to its innovative orientation.

FAE: future-oriented

Our R&D departments are the privileged places where new projects are brought to life, also supported by SIEMENS technology, of which FAE is a partner.

Improvement of technology, and its use in new fields and applications, is one of the primary objectives of every automation project.

FAE: the ideal environment to work and grow

Therefore, FAE is a workshop of new technological ideas and the ideal environment to grow, both in terms of responsibilities and technological skills.

In line with its vocation to innovation, experimentation and confrontation, FAE has been collaborating on specific internship projects with technical institutes and with the major Italian university centres for years, with the aim of hosting the specialists of the future.

Industrial automation: today and tomorrow’s technology

The use of automation is already deeply rooted in the current industrial context, but if the transition from the traditional production systems to the most modern ones was gradual, short-term forecasts mention specialization more and more often.

“Reskilling” is the process that gradually introduces skills and abilities that, so far, has involved the operators of the companies concerned by the industrial technological evolution.

Nowadays, the profiles with a strong technological imprint are the most required.

The partnership with Siemens

On one hand, the close partnership between FAE and Siemens guarantees the use of state-of-the-art products and systems, that represent the top performance in the technological field, and on the other hand is proof of reliability, dynamism and high quality of FAE approach.

New technologies and role of cloud

Cloud technology is another great protagonist of industry 4.0 and it is object of constant solicitude by FAE: it is the information technology that enables remote access to data, applications, devices.

Cloud is an important part of automation technologies, linked both to the software and hardware components of the machines.

Open-door FAE

We are always ready to meet new customers and collaborators at our headquarters in Busto Garolfo, near Milan.

The hospitality, the way we work, the attention we put into every detail and the care we put into every relationship is part of what we are and that we would like to let you know.

Our technicians and sales managers are available in both digital and phisical mode (by appointment) for information and consultancy.