Automated parcel sorting logistics


Automated parcel sorting logistics

The automated parcel sorting logistics is one of the sectors where FAE stands out in the international scene, thanks to its experience and technology.

In particular, among the sectors where we operate, the intralogistics automation (parcel sorting) is rapidly growing, especially in the current scenario (Covid-19, digitalization) that has seen an exponential increase in the online transactions and the consequent shipping-goods.

How a logistics sorting line is automated

The case study

The customer’s request: automation of a complete parcel sorting line

Our customers, manufacturers of parcel sorting lines for international buyers such as Amazon, SDA, DHL, GLS and many more, needed to pair the project with an automation technology capable of managing also high process speeds, with great precision.

The phases of the automation process of the conveyor belt

Our automation technology, adopted to move conveyor belts, has integrated with the pre-existing one, to manage the automatic warehouse and the company management software.

Our intervention provided for:

1- Hardware design

Automation panel: design, construction and installation

On-board machine system: design, construction and installation of the on-board machine system. The automation panel manages and supplies power to all the users such as engines, photocells, safety devices, etc.

Security System: design and integration of sensor system, alarms and contacts to guarantee the operator safety.

2- Software design

PLC (programmable logic controller) and automation panel: design and implementation for parcel sorting based on weights, dimensions, destination, etc. (photocells, sensors, bar codes).

Integration with the customer’s supervision system, already operating on the process.

3. Test of the plant (start-up phase)

The test phase provides for the functional verification of the plant complete in its complexity and the perfect integration of the automation software with the pre-existing flow.

During this phase, also known as commissioning, the control of the correct functioning and interfacing of the hardware and software parts takes place.

4. Tuning

It is the moment when the plant, already fully functional, is optimized to respond to every customer’s specific request.

Siemens automation solutions and Customization

Our industrial automation solutions lay on the solid Siemens technology and are enriched with the integrated and customized FAE development, with the aim of responding to any specific customer’s need.

Siemens technology, FAE know-how

In addition to Siemens technology reliability, we offer our customers turnkey solutions, fully integrated with the technologies already operating at the customer’s site: this is why FAE stands out in the automation market.

At FAE’s premises, the design is carried out especially with EPLAN P8, an advanced design platform for automation panels and related plant engineering, that enables us to offer our customer a complete project, harmonized on the plant itself.

Certifications “Solution Partner”, we are qualified to use Siemens technology in the following fields:• drives & motion • industrial communications • advanced factory automation In quality of System Integrator, we ensure that these technologies fully communicate with the pre-existing ones, by personalizing every project so as to correspond perfectly with the customer’s needs, thanks to the most recent programming languages, with TIA portal platforms. SIEMENS SOLUTION PARTNER

Why choose FAE for logistics automation

Turnkey solutions: from design to installation and commissioning

Unlike other providers, we take care of every phase of the process, from hardware and software design to commissioning. This allows the customer to communicate with a single interlocutor and to optimize time and costs.

Experience: dozens of active intralogistics automation plants

In the field of logistics automation, aimed at automating the parcel sorting on conveyor belts, FAE can boast a great experience, with approximately 10 active projects already carried out, among lines of different dimensions, from the simplest of about 150 metres to the most complex, with about more than 1000-metre long belts.

We designed and installed logistics automation plants that nowadays process and sort more than 3.600 parcels per hour, thereby guaranteeing not only the perfect functioning of the plant, but also the agreed delivery time to the customer.

Autonomy in the management of international projects

We are organised to manage different commissions, also simultaneously, in many parts of the world.
Our technicians are prepared to deal with long-duration projects independently (business trip), they master different languages and they own all the certifications and the law permissions required to operate in this field all over the globe.

The accurate preparation and the consolidated experience allow them to prevent and rapidly solve any construction problem.

Among the best in Italy and Europe in the industrial automation

Our structure, strongly oriented towards the research, enables us to be among the best 50 companies in Europe specialized in the industrial automation: about the 40% of our collaborators is, indeed, constantly employed in the automation engineering development.

This aspect, together with the constant commitment and the know-how acquired over time, allowed us to receive the certification as “Siemens Solution Partner” and to gain the confidence of several partners all over the world, from the big multinational corporations to the SME.